by Leslie Gutschow
Health, JuicingMy 30 Day Juice Fast – Day 20 – Huge Update

Huge update on the “Juice Fast”. While the weight and body mass stuff was interesting, I think you’ll be shocked more about these numbers.  I was eating a typical diet of Subway and Chipotle for 2 months when I got these first numbers:

9/3/2013 (start of juice diet 2 days before)
Total Cholesterol: 246 Needs to be <200
Triglycerides: 190 Needs to be < 150
LDL (bad stuff): 176 Needs to be <100
HDL (Good stuff): 33 Needs to be >40
A1C: 5.7 should be below 6.5

9/20/2013 (20 days in)
Total Cholesterol: 153 Improvement of -93..
Triglycerides: 88 Improvement of -102.. LDL (bad stuff): 104 Improvement of -72…
HDL(Good stuff): 31 loss of 2 points…
A1C: 5.4 getting better (that’s a measure of the amount of sugar in your blood levels.

My HDL levels have always been low, most likely a genetics thing. (and it’s tied closely to activity level, and I haven’t been doing anything “activity” wise).

Take away: In 20 days of “juicing” I’ve lost 8lbs of fat, made my blood amazing, am full of energy. So looks like the guys on Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead aren’t talking out of their asses. There might be something to this.


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