by Leslie Gutschow
Health, Juicing, Self-ImprovementMy 30 Day Juice Fast – Days 1 to 4

It is day four of this wonderful experiment that I have decided to embark on. I’m not really sure what to say, other than it’s incredibly weird knowing that I haven’t had solid food for over 4 days now.

So lets talk about some things, like energy level, feelings of hunger and any other weird feelings that I’ve noticed.

First of my energy level is about the same, as when I was eating “normally” sometimes I’m a little tired and sometimes I’m full of energy, but overall I would say I’m about the same.

When I sleep, I sleep like it’s my job and it feels like the most amazing thing in the world to wake up. I didn’t expect that to happen so soon on this juice fast.

I will mention it cause I’m sure it’s on people’s minds. My bowel movements were pretty regular for the first 3 days, today on day 4 I pretty much didn’t have one so I think maybe the food that was in my system might’ve worked its way out. In the name of science I will definitely keep people updated on that stuff as it occurs. UPDATE: Yep, just had one. So that’s good.

Now my weight has definitely went down some and I’m not going to post numbers just yet cause I’m not quite sure what type of poundage it is and it fluctuates between the mornings and nights. Let me talk about the general trend tho, for the first three days my weight was going down slowly but steadily but also my fat percentage on my scale was going up. I don’t know why this was happening but my thought processes lead me to believe as the food that I had in my body was leaving it was giving me a more accurate picture of fat to lean mass ratio on my scale. Now as I believe the majority of the solid food has left me, I am noticing that the fat percentage is going down as well as the weight. This is all speculation from using my fit-bit scale, but that is my guess right now.

So some things about testing. On day two I did a AC1 Test to check my levels, yesterday (day three) I went in and got Bod-podded (to check my true composition), and today I had my cholesterol checked at my local Walgreens. In two weeks I’ll be getting Bod-podded again to see how my body compositions has changed and hopefully I haven’t lost to much muscle mass. At the end of the month I will test my A1C and Cholesterol levels again to see how this was affected.

So that’s what’s been going on so far. I haven’t died, just been busy with work and school. I shall keep everybody posted when I hit the week mark!


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