by Leslie Gutschow
Investment ClubForming an Investment Club LLC

I have been talking to a group of friends and we are interested in forming an LLC to start an investment club.  I thought there would be tons of information on the web about doing something like this but the more i do research the more it seems that people aren’t willing to really share how they did it.  I mean there are simple guides that can be found on like e-how and other sites but nothing that really gets to brass tacks.  The ones that do get close to brass tax only seem to want to sell you their services, which I conclude is total BS to say the least.  So I guess in order to destroy this business area and hopefully educate some people in how to do this I’m going to blog and write out how we did it.  Hopefully this will serve two purposes, mainly to help me gather the information I need to for a successful Investment Club LLC and not one of those “website ones where you have to be a member of another investment club blah blah blah” and maybe clear the fog a little bit about how one should go about forming their own investment club with friends.

Not sure how often I’ll update this site but I’ll put up as much information as I can.


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