by Leslie Gutschow
Health, Juicing, Self-ImprovementMy 30 Day Juice Fast – The Beginning

Juice Fasting. So now that I have some time to write about this I’m going put down my thoughts and reasoning behind why I’m going to do a Juice Fast. Honestly I’ve heard of juice fasting before, I mean there’s 3 day juice cleanses, and 10 day detox juice fasts, etc. Those have been around forever and as sure as Jack Lelane has been around I’m sure everybody and their dog has seen the old infomercials growing up. No I’m doing a Juice Fast for different reasons, yes this juice fast was highly influenced by watching “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead” a documentary where Joe Cross an Australian goes 60 days without any food other than freshly juices fruits and vegetables. He ended up losing 16 stone and getting off his medication for a debilitating disease. So I figured what the hell why not, if one man (and in the documentary he actually had a partner in crime do it as well and he ended losing alot more than Joe) then I figured I could do it as well.

While weight-loss is possibly a benefit from doing this juice fast, I’m more doing it for scientific inquiry and I’m not just trying this juice thing without some forethought. First, when people say juice I’m not talking about orange juice and the stuff you get off the shelf. This juice is mainly fresh vegetable juice approximately 90% and then only about 10% fruit. We all know too much sugar is bad for your as it raises your glucose levels, so I don’t want any spikes or sugar high’s lows. Second, I’m getting bod-podded tomorrow, midway through and at the end of the month I want to see what fasting does to your muscle and fat mass. Third, I’m getting my cholesterol and A1C tested to see what those numbers are and how they are effected with this “diet”. I’m also still keeping up with my weight lifting routine, and also am measuring weight and fat% everyday using my Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale. It’s more of an “experiment” than a “diet” I want to see what actually happens to a body. Last benefit, I want to see if I can go 30 days in starvation mode, so if i ever get in that situation where i possibly can’t eat for days or i have to “survive” i want to know that I could do it. Without actually being dropped into a jungle for a month I guess this is one way to try it.

First off I ended getting this Juicer:
Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed 900-Watt Juicer It’s a great centrifugal juicer and it’s really easy to clean up.

I will keep everybody posted on the progress from day to day and the moods and general stuff that’s going on in my body and the results from the measurements. This should lead for an interesting 30 days. Wish me luck.


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