by Leslie Gutschow
Self-Improvement“When we struggle, we get smarter.”

I just watched one of the best Ted talks in a while. In this talk, Dan Coyle author of “The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How.” discusses many aspects of what talent really is. We all know the sayings and beliefs that talent is some magical thing inside special people and people are born with abilities far greater than normal people. I have always thought that theory of what talent is has been total bullshit. I have told my sister countless times that talent isn’t some magical mystery thing that you are born with but it can be developed over time with practice and persistence.  Sometimes people use lack of talent as an excuse to not accomplish anything, when it reality it could just be fear or laziness.  Baring any physiological constraints I firmly believe we humans are capable of learning almost anything if we practice enough and really put our minds to something.  This video really pushes that point home.

And because this video has so much information and so many good sayings that I just had to repeat some here:

“Going through life thinking that you can get awesome performance by adding passion, natural gifts, hardwork is like thinking you can make a Ferrari by combining steel, red paint, and Italians… it’s just to vague.”

“How to build a talent hotbed:
1. Ruthlessly Eliminate Passive Learning
2. Embrace Struggle and Repetition
3. Encourage Theft

And here’s the video:


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