by Leslie Gutschow
Self-ImprovementYou Are Probably Not Who You Think You Are.

Recently read and article on about hacking your mind and it really re-sparked interest in my thoughts about identity. Alot of people go through life trying to “define” themselves  by the things they buy, do, read, watch, listen too.   They do so according to what they believe are their tastes and their desires.

What is unfortunate is that most of what we consider “ourselves” is really just influence. Our identity is fluid and created by us, our parents, our environment. Most of our behaviors are learned behaviors, so that means we can unlearn and learn new ones whenever we want. I’ll leave you with a golden nugget, if everything we do and desire is learned then that means we ultimately have control over the things we do and choose to do. If you choose to believe it then you can learn to be a millionaire, or be a poor man living on the street. You can choose to “like” going to school, or you can learn to like working hard instead of partying all the time. If you start with the basic idea that everything that you have control over is a choice then you can really start to take control over your life.

What situations in your life do you continue to avoid simply because you use the excuse “this is just the way I am”? I’d be interested to find out, post them in the comments.


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